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♦ C++ Modules

♣ About C++ Modules

There exist some libraries in C++, which provide Class Structures and methods for the convenience of programming.
These libraries are imported as modules for usage in the program.
For example, iostream is a very basic library which is almost compulsory for the program.
There exist other additional libraries such as string, fstream, cstdio, etc.

♣ C++ Modules Syntax

Below is the representation of C++ Modules Syntax.
Basic Syntax
(or) "user_library.h"
Syntax Explanation:
standard_library : library provided by C++ user_library : library created by user

♣ Creating Cutom Module in C++

Custom Module can be created and used, and to take it far can be distributed.
For creating a Module follow the following listed steps:-
  1. Create a file with "h" extension. For example machine.h
  2. Store all the Classes/Structures and Function/Methods inside the file
After the creation of Module, this Module can be imported by the syntax provided in Syntax Section Above.