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♦ C++ Function

♣ About C++ Function

Function is block of code which runs when a Function is invoked.
Function can accept arguments for execution.
The very usefulness of Function lies in the saying "define once use over and over", that is, a function can be defined once and can be invoked over and over again.
Function code modification is another time-saving aspect, that is, it is sufficient to modify the Function code once and the rest of the function's invocations will automatically be modified.

♣ Function Declaration in C++

Below is the representation of C++ Function Syntax.
Basic Syntax
returnDataType myFunction(parameter1, parameter2, ...) {
// code for execution
return returnValue;
Syntax Explanation:
returnDataType: data type of the return value
myFunction: name of the function
parameter1, parameter2, ... : input parameters of the function
returnValue: the value which function returns upon completion of execution

♣ Example1: Adding Two Numbers with Function in C++

In this example, A Function is adding two Integers.

♣ Recursion of Function in C++

A Function can be self-called over and over again to get a task-completed.
For a Function recursion to happen, it is essential to have at least one Function call inside the Function block itself.

♣ Example2:Calculating Factorial of a number with Recursion in C++

In this example, Function calculates Factorial of a Number with Function Recursion.