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♦ C Structures

♣ About C Structures

Structures are essential a programming language, to define a custom variable type which can store multiple data types for convinience.

♣ C Structures Syntax

Below is the representation of C Structure Syntax.
Basic Syntax
struct Structure_Name{ datatype1 attribute1; datatype2 attribute2; datatype3 attribute3; . . methodDataType1 method1(arguments1){ //method1 codeblock } methodDataType2 method2(arguments2){ //method2 codeblock } . . . };
Syntax Explanation:
Structure_Name: name of the structure, note that first letter should be capital
datatype1, datatype2, datatype3, .. : data types of the attributes of the structure
attribute1, attribute2, attribute3, .. : names of the attributes of the structure

methodDataType1, methodDataType2, ... : data types of the returned values of the methods of the structures
//method1 codeblock, //method2 codeblock, ... : the code for the methods of structure with return statements

♣ Example1: Initializing a Structure in C

In this example, we will Structurize a point variable.

♣ Example2: Assignment of Structure in C

In this example, there is an Assignment of point x and y.