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BootStrap4 Introduction - CodeGK
♦ BootStrap4 Introduction

♣ What is BootStrap4?

BootStrap4 is version 4 of BootStrap.
BootStrap4 is a CSS library.
Web-Pages can be styled using very elegantly using BootStrap4.

♣ Who can use BootStrap4?

Anyone with basic knowledge of Computer and willing to build some stylish responsive web pages can use BootStrap4.

♣ Why use BootStrap4?

BootStrap4 is simple to learn and contains a huge number of features for various sorts of styling for web-pages.

♣ Pre-Requisites

HTML is the language which is expected to be known before learning BootStrap4.
JavaScript is recommended but not compulsory.
BootStrap4 Introduction