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♦ R Pie Chart

♣ About R Pie Chart

Pie Chart is a statistical technique for representing collected statistical data.
Pie Chart has slice divisions, each slice being denoting the share of the resource.
Pie Chart can be easily plotted using R function pie().

♣ R Pie Chart Syntax

Below is the representation of R Pie Chart Syntax.
Basic Syntax
pie(x, labels, radius, main, col, clockwise)
Syntax Explanation:
Table Info
xindicates the number(percentage) of shares the entitiy has
labelsdescription to the slice
radiusradius of ploting circle(range: -1 to 1)
mainindicate the title of the chart
colindicate color of each slice(optional)
clockwiselogical values indicating whether values are drawn clockwise(1) or anticlockwise(0)

♣ Example1: Plotting Data In Pie Char in R

In this example, there is a Plotting of marks of students in a class(out of 100).
R Pie Chart