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♦ R Box Plot

♣ About R Box Plot

Box plot gives a good amount of statistical information.
Typical Box Plot information such as minimum, maximum, median, first quartile, and third quartile can be interpreted from the graph.
R language uses the function boxplot() function to create a Box Plot.

♣ R Box Plot Syntax

Below is the representation of R Box Plot Syntax.
Basic Syntax
boxplot(x, xlab, ylab, data, notch, varwidth, names, main)
Syntax Explanation:
Table Info
xvector or formula for Box Plot
xlablabel for x-axis
ylablabel for y-axis
dataDataFrame of elements to be plotted
notchSet as TRUE to draw a notch(it is 95% confidence interval of the Median)
varwidthSet as true to draw width of the box proportionate to the sample size
namesgiving label to each entity under the box plot
maintitle of the Box Plot

♣ Example1: Plotting Data using Box Plot in R

In this example, miles per gallon v/s number of cylinder graph is illustrated.
R Box Plot