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It is essential to have good tools, but it is also essential that the tools should be used in the right way.
- Wallace D. Wattles

Various online tools are required by people in daily life for making their work flow efficient. Whether it be JavaScript Minifier or CSS color chooser, these tools always come handy. It will be super useful to find such tools at one place. Thusly this section introduces various online tools which can be useful across various fields.
Choose your tool and use it whenever in need.

♣ Seo Tools

SEO stands for "Search Engine Optimization". The concept of SEO is to get your articles ranked on the popular Search Engines out in the market such as Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, etc. This search engines follow a certain algorithm to rank the pages of websites, we as article writer can make the article SEO friendly to attain a good Page Rank score. This page rank score can indeed help to get the article more traffic from audience.

We provide a few SEO Tools which can used to maximise the results for a website.

♣ File Converter

Among various File Extension present in the industry, many of them are compatible to converted between different forms. These conversion prove to be super useful when a particular reciever accepts only a certain file type. For Example, a client needs a file in PDF format but apparently have it in JPG extension, then a JPG-to-PDF file conversion can be performed.

We provide a few File Conversion utilities which can used to convert file types.

♣ Language Compiler

Programming in a language requires the Compiler which can generate an Executable file for the host machine. Although all popular operating systems support almost all popular languages, it can get a little hazy sometimes to get correct compiler configured for the host machine or you might just want to run a sample code for only once. To mitigate the later stated problem one can use an Online Compiler over the web.

We provide a few Online Compilers for running compiling and running the Programming Languages.

♣ Code Minifier

Code Minfication is the process of reducing the source code size. This code minification can be done for various reasons, such as bandwidth saving, storage saving, etc. Typically a normal code minification is done by shredding all the extra spaces and endlines. A more advanced minification can be done by writing the short equivalent form of chunks of the relevant code parts.

We provide a few Code Minfication tools for source code minification.

♣ Code Beautifier

Code Beautification is the process of making the source code more human readable. More readability can obviously mean a good understanding of code. This Beautification is typically done by adding proper amount of spaces and endlines in the source code. The syntax of the language should not be compromised while Beautifying, else the code will not be able to run.

We provide a few Code Beautification tools for source code beautification.

♣ Misc Tools

Misc Tools means Miscellaneous Tools. This section contains all the tools that are recently developed and have not yet found any appropriate category to merge with. Or this misc tools can be considered as beta version of tools, i.e, the tools when developed are added to this section first and then migrated to appropriate parent location.

Checkout our various Misc Tools tools for Fun!.